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       Fall, a great time for planting, is just the ideal time to plant a clematis.  Since it is a long-lived plant and will need a cool, moist, well-drained, deep-root run, a little special preparation will ensure the proper site.  Dig the hole about 18 inches deep and as wide.  Place six inches of rich compost in the bottom of the hole mixed with a handful of bone meal.  Then fill in about an inch over the top with topsoil.  You are now ready to plant your well-watered clematis.
     Take your clematis out of the pot and loosen the roots a bit.  Then place it so that about six inches of stem (the stem should be ripe not green) is below the soil line.  If you are not sure whether the stem is ripe or green, leave the final filling of the hole until later in the season.  Now gently water your plant to settle soil around the roots.
     Planting a small shrub or groundcover in front of the clematis will insure a cool root run for it.  Next, securely attach the vine to your trellis or fence.
     The following spring, you will want to prune to 10-12' no matter to which pruning group your clematis belongs.  This will promote root growth and develop a bushier plant.  Keep it well watered and fertilize regularly.

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