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    It seems they are always with us no matter what.  But here are some ideas for reducing their numbers without pesticides.
Remove their hiding places.  Slugs and snails hide under anything to get away from the drying sun, so by pruning, mowing, discarding or recycling around the garden these hiding places become fewer in number.  Give them a hiding place by propping up a piece of wood or brick. These creatures will use the undersides to hide and keep cool in the day making it  easy for you to find and get rid of them.
Slugs are attracted to fresh beer.   Alcohol kills them, set a few traps and refill with fresh beer every few days.
   Slugs and snails will not cross a wide band of copper.  An electrical reaction occurs when their wet soft bodies comes in contact with the copper.  Therefore, a wide band of copper nailed to the sides of raised beds will keep them out.

Tree alternatives for the landscape
   We all experience busy lifestyles of working, raising families, playing, and traveling.  We all need that easy to maintain garden that looks wonderful without any time expended.  Such a garden doesn’t exist but ……. The following are a few examples of trees for that low maintenance guide line.
   (Bloodgood Japanese Maple)
Small, slow growing tree. Few problems with pests or disease. Burgundy wine colored summer foliage.   Crimson Fall color.
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