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     As autumn approaches, we  gardeners want  to maintain exciting color in our gardens. 


   Evans Farms has many plants from which to choose delightful autumn colors.  Here are a few suggestions to brighten up the late summer garden.

Perennial flowers that  begin to bloom  in late summer and last till  frost:  Agastache (pinks to lavenders) , Anemone (pink to white), Aster (pink, blue, & purple), Garden Mums ( red, orange, bronze, yellow & more),  Lavatera (shades of pink), Penstemon (blue, purple, reds), Perovskia (blue), Rudbeckia Goldstrum ( bright gold), and Sedum (various shades of pink to red-pink).
   Shrubs with lots of color:   Beauty Berry (Gold leaves &  violet berries), Deutzia (deep

  burgundy foliage),  Smoke Tree (Scarlet    leaves), Spiraea (yellow-orange leaves), Miss Kim Lilac (burgundy  foliage) Little Henry Sweetspire
(persisitant red foliage)  Barberry (scarlet colored leaves)  Burning Bush (rosy -red leaves)  Viburnum varieties (reddish to plum foliage)  Witch Hazel (orange-red to yellow-orange foliage), and Fothergilla  (multi-colored of orange to purplish red).
Grasses that can bring  nice color and movement are:  Heavy Metal  Switch Grass(Bronze plumes above erect foliage),  Flame Grass  (burnised red  foliage), Fountain Grass (golden bronze  foxtail flower-heads rising above green foliage that is  turning to a golden bronze),  Pampas Grass (large white flower plumes), Variegated Silver Grass (Reddish-pink  flower plumes), Maiden Grass (bronze-red plumes),  Schizachyrium scoparium “The Blues’ (burgundy  red foliage).
Trees with beautiful fall color: Black Tupelo (Hot coppery-red leaves) ,  Red Maples (red-orange, red to red-purple leaves),  Sweet Gum (multi colored to solid burgundy), Katsura (Peach to orange foliage), Birch (Yellow leaves), Raywood Ash (Plum colored leaves), Ginkgo (golden leaves), and Flowering Pear  (blended yellow to red leaf color).
Evans Farms’ staff members will gladly assist in choosing the right plant for the right location!