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Apples have been a part of the American way of life since the colonial days.  In early America, apples were a staple as well as an object of connoisseurship.  We have even described people as apples:  crabs, bad apples, apple polishers, and apples of one's eye.


Have you heard of the old saying?  "Eating an apple everyday keeps the doctor away."  According to research, apples are rich in disease-fighting compounds, especially concentrated in the skin.  Protection against Alzheimer's Disease.  A powerful antioxidant called quercetin, which protects brain cells from degenerations in rats.  It is hoped that the same effect would be for humans.  Protection against Colon Cancer.  The fermentation of fiber in apples when in the colon produces a chemical that fights the formation of cancer cells has been discovered by research in Germany.  Protection against High Blood Pressure.  It has been observed that adults who eat apples regularly are 37% less likely to have hypertension.


Apple varieties of all kinds are overflowing in our grocery store produce sections and fruit grower stands this time of year.  Why not try a new variety like a Honeycrisp, known for its cidery taste and firm juicy flesh, or the Pink Lady that has a delightful crisp, sweet-tart white flesh and is great for salads.


Have you thought about growing your own apples?  There is nothing like picking an apple and enjoying its wonderful flavor under the tree from which is was picked.  also, the trees are a worthwhile addition to your landscape.  The blossoms are pretty, have a nice fragrance and, what a good tree for climbing!


The first part of February all bare root fruit trees arrive.  However, Evans Farms has several varieties of apples in stock now in containers.  Plant now to get a head start on spring.