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The  tradition of having a Christmas Tree as a part of our celebration of Christmas was originated in Germany and was introduced into America by the German immigrants that settled here years ago.  Today our love for Christmas trees has led to a desire for a wide diversity of size, color, & variety of cut trees and living trees.   Evans Farms has an extensive selection of sizes and varieties of living trees.  These trees, that will give delight as a Christmas tree and  as a  beautiful specimen in your yard, will be on display and available for purchase the day after Thanksgiving.


One of the most popular living Christmas Trees that will  be available is the Colorado Spruce.  There are several cultivars of this wonderful evergreen conifer:  Picea pungens ’fastigiata’, Picea pungens ’Fat Albert’, Picea pungens ’Hoopsii’and Picea pungens ’Globosa’.   All of the grafted cultivars will have blue foliage.  However, the  foliage on the Colorado Spruce  seedling  will vary from tree to tree.  Some trees will be a true green, others a bright blue, and some with shades in between blue and green.  These trees are fairly slow growing and grow nicely  in a container as well as a specimen planted in the yard.         


One of our favorites is the Fraser Fir.  It is a beautiful tree with symmetrical pyramid form and  fragrant dark green needles that show off  two silver bands of color on the undersides.   These trees also make beautiful specimens for your landscape.    


The Columnar Limber Pine, Pinus flexilis ‘Vanderwolf’s Pyramid’, is a moderate growing attractive tree with soft blue needles marked with white lines.  It makes a lovely Christmas Tree and a great specimen for your yard.


Another beautiful well behaved tree that has a relatively slow growth habit is the Weeping Siberian Spruce.  A narrow spire-like tree with pendent branches which sweep up at the tips, green-blue needles and purplish colored cones.  It can be maintained in a container for several years and set on your deck or patio.  It also makes a great specimen planted in your landscape or a city park.


One more thing!  Living trees provide shelter from winter’s cold and food for many birds that over winter in Oregon.  You can have a wildlife sanctuary in your own garden by planting one or several of these trees today!