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 On December 6th and 7th, Evans Farms will host our yearly Christmas Open House.  All the living Christmas trees will be on display.  There will be many varieties from the unusual to the familiar.  Sizes will range from 30-36" to 8-10'.


choose that special tree and we will gladly hold it till you want to take it home and set it up for Christmas.  All trees purchased on this weekend will be 20% off the regular price.


Our shipment of beautiful poinsettias will be on display.  There will be burgundy, pink, red, white glitter, and white ones, all


with multiple flowers, fullness, and delightful color.  The 6.5" size are $14.99 each.  In addition, there will be colorful red and maroon 4" size poinsettias priced at $6.99 each.